Impression Stitchers Frame


Some things to consider when you are thinking about purchasing a stitching frame:

  • Every needle artist needs good equipment for their art and be able to sit on his or her (favorite) comfortable chair

  • A good adjustable stand to hold your frame - scroll frame etc. is a must

  • Scroll frame must rotate or flip over for easy access to the back for thread tie off

  • Impressions unique clam (frame clamp) lets you rotate the frame for easy effortless access to the back for thread tie off

  • It must also tilt and adjust so you sit in a comfortable position

  • The tilting pedestal stand allows you to adjust to any height so you can sit in a comfortable position whether you are in a soft comfy chair or a regular chair

  • Stitching with a scroll frame or stretcher bars on a stand allows you to have both hands free and eliminates fatigue and hand cramps from holding the stitching frame in your hand and trying to stitch at the same time. This may also minimize the discomfort of carpel tunnel and arthritis

  • One hand on the under side, the other on top of your stitching is a much more relaxed and efficient stitching style

  • Working comfortably with both hands will give you better stitch control and overall better results

  • Frame must be able to accommodate the different sizes of projects available

  • Impressions Stitchers Frame and Tilting Floor Stand is very flexible and fills the needs for hands free comfortable stitching

As you can see there are many combinations you can have with your stitchers frame - from a small size scroll frame to a large one or you can have both if you chose. Just tell me the size scroll frame you would like, the accessories you would like and I will custom make your Tilting Stitchers Stand just for you. If you are not sure send me an e-mail or give me a call and I'll help you out. 


18" Scroll Frame
dowelrods.jpg (2786 bytes)
Dowel Rods

Side Extender Bars and Knobs
stitchersstand.jpg (2092 bytes)
Tilting Pedestal Stitchers Stand 
completestitcher.jpg (4929 bytes)
Stitchers Frame & Stand - 18" Scroll Frame w/ Accessory Package - Deluxe
18" Scroll Frame $97.00 ADD TO CART
Dowel Rods - 10" - 36"      $30 - $68


Side Extender Bars and Knobs $55.00 ADD TO CART
Tilting Pedestal Stitchers Stand $160.00 ADD TO CART
Stitchers Frame & Stand - 18" Scroll Frame w/ Accessory Package - Deluxe (Flex Arm Light extra) $410.00 ADD TO CART


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